Boundin Forward is members only running club that incorporates a novel approach to improve everyone's running from beginner to professional.

We are more than just a running club! At Boundin Forward we are looking at not just improving your running ability, but also developing your posture, gait, muscle strength and endurance.

We believe that our ability to spot minor flaws in technique, posture and gait and timely correcting them gives us a novel approach to your development. Our personal training program is specifically tailored to your needs and abilities. We will help you to maximise your potential and reach your targets.

To find out about our key staff members please use the link below.

  • Sports Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Holistic Realignment
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Personal training sessions

* All of the above services are conducted by a qualified sports therapist or a qualified personal trainer.

As well as developing your fitness, we hope to help you develop your business and personal contacts along the way as well. This will be done via special networking events and other opportunities.

To find out about our key staff members please use the link